Two Methods For Removing Trees

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In Jacksonville, some homeowners still use chainsaws and axes to cut down trees. These are dangerous methods to use in your yard as the tree can fall on your house, fence, powerlines, or that of your neighbors, causing a lot of damage. There are other modern and safe ways of cutting down trees. In this article, we shall be discussing tree removal with a backhoe vs. crane. It allows you to understand both methods and you will have better insight into why we may suggest one method over the other.

Taking Out Trees with A Backhoe

Also called a rear tractor, a backhoe is a type of extremely flexible excavating equipment. Many professionals use this equipment to remove trees and most of them employ it to remove tree stumps also. Removing stumps along with their roots is essential as one might trip over the stump and fall, getting injured in the process. Although you can use special chemicals to decay the stump and then take it out, these chemicals can be dangerous to other plants in your yard. The stump can also be removed by grinding. Grinding removes the majority of the tree and roots but may leave a few pieces behind.

The procedure

The operator forces the backhoe bucket inside and under the tree stump and then pulls out the entire stump along with its roots. You can also use this equipment to cover the hole left by the removed stump. We recommended that you leave the job of operating it to the professionals at Grinds Tree Service.

Tree Removal With A Crane

You need to be very careful when removing trees, especially if it lies in a congested area. This is where a crane becomes indispensable. In this method, the operator lifts out the tree vertically, one piece after the other, and then places them on a drop zone. The ground crew of the crane company runs the branches through a chipper to be used as mulch as well as cuts the wood down to smaller sizes. We use a saw with this method but the pieces are managed and never left to fall to the ground.

Helpful in Hazardous Conditions

A crane can mitigate the risk when a tree is not structurally sound maybe from disease, pest infestation, or storm damage. It is essential to level the crane perfectly with the help of stabilizers. Once set in place, the other member of our team climbs up the tree and uses a chainsaw to cut down the tree into small pieces. The crane operator then lifts those pieces and gently puts them in a disposal area. Finally, the crane removes the stump of the tree along with the roots attached to it. The crane cannot refill the area left post removal of the stump.


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