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Stump Grinding And Root Removal Requires Experience

Grinds Tree Service used a tool specifically designed for stump removal called a stump grinder. This tool grinds the stump completely down to the base just below the soil level. Some very large, old trees have huge roots and these can also be removed with the stump grinder. The process of removing a stump can be time-consuming as some trees have an intricate root system that can spread for a number of feet from the base of the tree. In addition, tree roots can cause damage to surrounding structures such as heaving sidewalks, and roadways or cracking and splitting foundations. In addition, sometimes roots can send out new starts that will begin to grow into a new tree. Some species of trees have a compact and shallow root system which makes stump removal relatively uncomplicated and simple.

All of these components are considered when providing you with a quote for stump grinding and removal that fits your specific situation. Our specialty at Grinds Tree Service is stump removal and stump grinding. We have been serving the Jacksonville, Florida community for over 20 years and would be happy to put our experience to work for you. We offer a full range of services from pruning to removal. Please give us a call at 904-587-2855 for a quote. You will be happy you put our team at Grinds Tree Service on your project.

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