Getting Tree Stumps Removed As Soon as Possible

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What is tree stump removal?

Tree stump removal is the process in which the stump of the tree is removed after felling the tree. The stump is ground into small chips or sawdust. It can then be taken away. We grind the stumps to well below the surface of the surrounding ground so that dirt can be smoothed over. This creates a nice level surface for walking or building.

Unlike felling trees, removal of tree stumps is a laborious process. It is necessary to have the stumps removed, as they take up valuable space, preventing the installation or construction of structures. The roots can also create serious tripping hazards for visitors, guests, residents, tenants, and property owners. Also, if vegetation grows on them, they become an eyesore. You come across the robust stump after you have removed the other parts of the tree piece by piece. At this stage, you might be wondering whether to leave the stump or have it removed along with the rest of the tree. You require professional equipment for the process.

Why remove tree stumps?

The safety of your loved ones, the health of your existing flora, and the aesthetics of your lawn and home are the primary reasons for removing tree stumps. There is no doubt that stumps, being unsightly, can make your beautiful yard look shabby. You can easily improve the look of your yard by removing the stumps. Additionally, the roots attached to the stump may be strong enough to damage your sewage lines and pipes from the outside, causing them to burst. Tree roots also can disturb your concrete foundation, patios, and driveways. It is best to hire a professional for the job, to ensure that all roots of the tree stump are removed and that there is no risk for the regrowth of roots. Additionally, these stumps can invite unwanted species such as carpenter ants, beetles, and termites into your yard. Once infected, your tree stump will spread the infection to healthy shrubs and trees on your lawn. Fungi, dangerous for small children and pets, also grows on tree stumps.

 Dangers of Tripping

Playtime in the yard can be dangerous for young children as they can trip over the tree roots or stumps. Leaving the stump unattended can cause roots to grow and impact the foundations of your home and its paver or concrete sidewalks too. You can rest assured that the look of your home will be spoiled due to a shifting sidewalk. Therefore, you should get the stumps and their roots removed from your yard as soon as possible. Rather than attempting to remove the stump by yourself, it is better to hire the services of a professional. They know the tricks of the trade and have the necessary equipment, such as a stump grinder to complete the job without causing any damage to the surrounding lawn.
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