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Are you tired of looking at the old, half-dead tree that’s taking up space in your yard?
Do you have a tree that’s interfering with the utility lines for your home?
Has a recent storm left a large, damaged tree limb hanging precariously over where you park your car?
Maybe you have a large-sized tree that’s hanging over your roof, leaving the door open to raccoon, squirrels, and other forms of potential animal damage as well as clogged gutters and the fear of serious roof damage during the next wind storm.
If any of these things are true for you, you can rely on the Grinds Tree Service team for the help you need. We’ve been proudly serving the greater Jacksonville, FL area for over two decades by offering expert tree removal service to both commercial and residential customers.
Don’t risk your well-being and health by climbing a wobbly ladder with a chainsaw in hand just to save a little extra cash. In addition to causing property damages, you could also wind up with serious injuries.
You want a trusted, reliable tree service to get the job done safely and efficiently.
The expert team of tree removal specialists at Grinds Tree Service can help you with every one of your tree removal projects, including:

    • Getting rid of weak and troublesome tree limbs,
    • Cutting down and removing trees that are dead or dying,
    • Eliminating all freshly fallen limbs and trees,
    • Stump removal and stump grinding services

Our team uses highly sophisticated and cutting-edge equipment and tools, including industrial wood chippers. This allows us to cart of all tree remnants so that our clients aren’t left with residual piles of wood that could take several years to burn away in the fireplace.
The tree removal crew at Grinds Tree Service is both seasoned and experienced and thus, these professionals are able to take trees down in an effective and safe fashion that won’t cause any danger to your vehicles, property, business, or home.
Moreover, our team of tree service experts is skilled in addressing tree limbs and trees that are positioned near utility lines. This allows us to ensure your safety, and that of our crew and your property.
Powerful storms have the ability to take down entire trees and very large tree limbs. There are times when partially-broken and otherwise damaged limbs can be a serious safety issue. At Grinds Tree Service, we know that there are numerous issues that require timely services and care. As such, we also offer emergency tree removal service for Jacksonville, FL clients following storms and other relevant events. Grinds Tree Service is both licensed and ensured and this means that you can work with us with total peace of mind.
At Grinds Tree Service, we are proud to offer reliable tree removal service throughout Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding region. We are happy to offer a price estimate for any tree removal project you have on deck, as well as for pruning and stump grinding jobs. Call us now at 904-587-2855.

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